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Panorama FinTech

Panorama FinTech is a multidimensional searchable database cataloguing financial technology innovations globally. Providing case studies with insights on ideas, products, companies, trends, news, and more.

Panorama FinTech is more than a database, it is a compass designed to help our clients navigate the fast-changing world of financial technology innovations. It is a library of synthesised findings and insights leveraging McKinsey brainpower & expertise. Our aspiration is to help organizations integrate cutting-edge ideas with established solutions to deliver real value.


  • Identify FinTech innovation in a given region based on product types, value chain elements or potential customers

  • Map popular segments on landscapes as well as understand individual ideas on a deeper level

  • Explore the FinTech universe to find profitable areas based on Global Banking revenues

FinTech distribution as a % of database total

Key Features

  • Deep dive profile on over 700 case studies containing key functionalities, distinctive features, impact potential and many more

  • 1500+ FinTech innovations categorized across 8 dimensions relevant to banks (including value chain, tech used, product, customer segment)

  • Landscapes can be generated based on specific inquiries and saved for easier access

  • Company profiles can be imported to "My desk" for a searchable database

Multi-channel access to the FinTech database

  • 1500
  • 700
  • 9
  • Global Banking Pools

    Global Banking Pools provides a comprehensive historic overview and forecasts of banking markets by product, P&L, and balance sheet metrics to enable banks to reduce uncertainty on strategic and investment decisions.

  • Panorama Country Zoom

    Panorama Country Zoom provides a detailed breakdown of banking indicators of major markets by regions, cities, channels, and socio-demographic sub-segments.

  • Panorama Banking Insights

    Panorama Banking Insights are a collection of publications, regular reports and news updates that provide information on the latest banking trends, KPIs and strategic innovations.