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Panorama Country Zoom

Panorama Country Zoom provides a detailed breakdown of banking indicators of major markets by regions, cities, channels, and socio-demographic sub-segments.

Within each country, there are huge differences in opportunities at the segment level. Country Zoom offers detailed and consistent banking data on these sub-segments, enabling you to understand where to focus to drive profitability and to improve your performance relative to peers.


  • Benchmark your performance against competitors
  • Compare investment opportunities and identify expansion opportunities across regions, cities, channels, and segments
  • Create an informed portfolio optimization plan
  • Generate a detailed strategy for expansion
  • Support marketing, risk, product development departments with unique customer insights

Understand segment/channel/geography level trends

Key Features

  • Provides city level banking pools for 2,500+ cities jointly developed with McKinsey Global Insitute, including 10+ macroeconomic metrics and 20+ banking financial KPIs
  • Includes socio-demographic and behavioral retail segments (e.g., affluent, middle, income, Generation Y) and corporate segments (e.g., micro companies, SME, large corporate)
  • Calculates profit potential via key channels e.g., online, phone, bricks & mortar or multichannel
  • Delivers competitor rankings and insights also in countries with scarce public data via leveraging local sources
  • Comprises macroeconomic assumptions for forecasting, special product definitions and peer banks, tailored to your bank's requirements
  • Provides 24/7 access to the website, visualization tools, and helpdesk

Banking market sizing for the top 2,500 cities globally

  • 2.5K
  • 10+
  • 20+
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  • Panorama Expert Support

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