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Panorama Product Overview

Leverage McKinsey's unique expert network and Panorama's long-standing experience in financial markets with our range of products to generate insights on the best strategic and investment opportunities in global banking markets.

  • Global Banking Pools

    Global Banking Pools provides a comprehensive historic overview and forecasts of banking markets by product, P&L, and balance sheet metrics to enable banks to reduce uncertainty on strategic and investment decisions.

  • Panorama Country Zoom

    Panorama Country Zoom provides a detailed breakdown of banking indicators of major markets by regions, cities, channels, and socio-demographic sub-segments.

  • Panorama Banking Insights

    Panorama Banking Insights are a collection of publications, regular reports and news updates that provide information on the latest banking trends, KPIs and strategic innovations.

  • Panorama Expert Support

    Panorama Expert Support provides on-demand access to McKinsey specialist consultants for strategic and financial analysis to help in critical decisions and build in-house strategic capabilities.

  • Panorama Fintech

    Panorama FinTech is a multidimensional searchable database to catalog financial technology innovations globally. Case studies with insights on ideas, products, companies, trends, news, and more.