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Designed for Strategy and Development teams, the Global Payments Map from McKinsey provides product-level market sizing data and flexible analysis tools that are optimized for comprehensive quantitative analysis of global and local payments trends.

What can GPM reveal for your bank or financial institution?

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Compare payments markets across geographies with high-level, yet essential KPIs

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Gain a detailed understanding of changes in product drivers at a more granular level and over a longer timeframe

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Understand the domestic and cross-border B2B transaction banking landscape

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Unlock the boundaries and gain full access to all breakdowns and geographies

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Country Comparison

Country Comparison leverages numerous data sources and expert input to map out absolute market sizes, relative product shares, infrastructure metrics, and penetrations by country. The dataset view includes historical and future payments market figures, as well as standardized KPIs for comparing domestic revenue opportunities and growth potential.

Use Cases:

  • Payments providers selecting the most promisingly growing markets
  • Private equity firms judging current potential and future market revenue growth of a portfolio company
  • Multi-location banks measuring and tracking their payments revenue market share across their geographies
  • Investors identifying under-penetrated markets
  • Strategy teams prioritizing new payments product introduction among a set of new markets

Country Deep Dive

Country Deep-Dive provides a detailed view of a country’s payments markets — from high-level market trends to granular details of product revenue drivers — to understand the domestic opportunities, product dynamics, and underlying drivers within a specified country.

Use Cases:

  • Product teams preparing yearly planning and longer-term aspiration setting of different product lines based on readily available market data
  • Card teams using margin gap analysis versus market average to identify main areas of improvement
  • Strategy teams preparing for executive committee meetings to explain key historical and future market mix with just a few clicks changes
  • Strategy teams creating sensitivity analysis of the market in response to regulatory or technology changes

Transaction Banking

Transaction Banking offering helps strategy teams build their core outlook by providing reliable historical data and forecasts for domestic and cross-border B2B payments instruments.

Use Cases:

  • Fintechs considering entering the cross-border B2B transactions space
  • Corporate banking teams looking to measure their B2B ACH and RTGS revenue market share
  • Banks setting future market share and revenue aspiration for their documentary trade finance business
  • Specialized payments providers creating a business case for new commercial cards market entry

Full Payments Map

The Global Payments Map access provides highly-granular, comparable payments product data for all countries within the Payments Map suite. Suggested to teams who consciously leverage external sources to maintain a detailed analytical market perspective. By leveraging the data and McKinsey specialist availability, teams are able to better understand the revenue dynamics among markets, and assess payments products along different consumer segments.

Use Cases:

  • Multi-location payments service providers make investment decisions based on historical and predicted revenue trend dynamics
  • Strategy teams preparing deep-dives on predicted future liqudity and transactional product revenues and leveraging McKinsey presence for a strategy offsite
  • HQ building a jointly-used market-sizing tool with local subsidiaries for future international fact-based strategic decisions
  • Payments teams creating sensitivity analysis for various markets in response to regulatory or technological changes

Global Payments Map has been the prime source of unique insights in McKinsey’s payments related publications for more than 10 years.
Below you can find a few illustrative examples of these insights: